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Top Razorback Interview

Top Razorback Interview: Tim Copper

Earlier this month, we introduced our latest Top Razorback, Timothy Copper and what makes him an outstanding member of the Pigler Automation Team. This week, we’re going to get to know Tim a little better in this Top Razorback Interview.

Automotive Manufacturer Wins Together with Pigler Automation

Our commitment to winning together is a crucial part of the success of our team at Pigler Automation, and our customers. Over the past year, engineers Tim Copper and Teddy Klovstad have demonstrated that value to the highest quality with their work with a major automotive manufacturer here in the United States.
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Top Razorback: Timothy Copper

A vital component to winning together is the strength of our team and how we work together to align our goals and drive Pigler Automation forward. While working together is important, we also like to take time to call out and highlight the outstanding individual contributions of our team members. This month, I am sharing our latest Top Razorback, Timothy Copper! 

Core Value Deep Dive: Winning Together

Winning Together is an important value, we share it with our people and on our website, but what does winning together really mean? How do we embody this value, and how does it align with our purpose of building lasting relationships?

Case Study: Building Lasting Relationships

Our Automation Service Manager, Karina Schlosser, reached out to one of our longtime customers, Dion Cruz from USACE to him ask him how Pigler Automation’s purpose to build lasting relationships has taken his experience working with us to the next level