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Top Razorback: Timothy Copper

Every month, our team gets together and nominates the individual we feel has excelled as a teammate and who has demonstrated our company’s core values to the highest degree. We lift them up and celebrate them as our Top Razorback!

A vital component to winning together is the strength of our team and how we work together to align our goals and drive Pigler Automation forward. While working together is important, we also like to take time to call out and highlight the outstanding individual contributions of our team members. This month, I am sharing our latest Top Razorback, Timothy Copper! 

While there are a lot of reasons to highlight Tim as an outstanding member of Pigler Automation, there are two distinct characteristics that he demonstrates that truly exemplifies the reason he is our Top Razorback this month. First, his attention to detail, whether it is with his own work or the collaboration of his team, Tim’s attention to detail continually assures a high quality of work on any project he is involved in. Secondly, his drive to succeed helps to ensure his team and his clients have everything they need to move projects forward smoothly, even when he is away or unavailable.  

Timothy Copper is an integral part of how, working collaboratively as a team and with our clients, we win together and help drive our work forward to achieve remarkable things.