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Industrial Automation Consulting with LAUNCHPOINT™

From Blueprint to Brilliance

Develop Your Control System's Potential

In today’s tech-driven landscape, control system technologies are vast and diverse. Your control system is the nerve center of your operation, allowing you to monitor and regulate processes with precision. From traditional systems to cutting-edge innovations, identifying the right solution for your needs is challenging. To help navigate this complex landscape, we offer LAUNCHPOINT™, an innovative industrial automation consulting solution.

Empowering Efficiency from the Ground Up

LAUNCHPOINT™ provides a comprehensive approach to developing your control system. We use data analysis and industry expertise to deliver detailed blueprints and tailored recommendations for optimal performance.

  • Onsite Control System Review
    • Schematics
    • Drawings
    • System Code
  • Take current system backups
  • Analysis of collected data and documentation
  • Identify Strengths and weaknesses of the current control system
  • Build and deliver report with recommended control system modifications, updates, and improvements.


The first step is assessing your control system requirements. This ensures the proposed components and layout are effective, safe, and aligned with your goals. You provide documentation about your facility setup and current technologies. If needed, we can visit your site to understand better, conduct risk assessments (including cybersecurity), and ensure regulatory compliance.



During this collaborative stage, we explore the design intricacies of your control system together. By discussing the strengths of your current technology and the challenges you’ve faced, we can identify areas needing improvement and pave the way for innovative solutions.

Additionally, we address the scalability of your control system, ensuring it can grow alongside your business. This focus not only drives future performance but also provides a clear vision for your operations, creating a roadmap for optimization that aligns with your strategic objectives.



After analyzing all the information about your control system needs, we create a proposal for design and development. This plan includes a detailed BoM budget, an outline of recommended work, a timeline for completion, and a fixed monthly rate to prevent budget surprises.

In today’s competitive business environment, optimizing your control system is essential. It’s not just about maintaining operations; it’s about fostering growth. Industrial automation consulting with LAUNCHPOINT™ guides you through the crucial steps in developing your control system, ensuring the final product elevates your operations to new heights.

Next Steps

After you receive your comprehensive LAUNCHPOINT™ report with our recommendations, the next step is to turn those recommendations into action. Our CORESOLUTIONS™ are designed  to flow seamlessly from one solution to the next. When LAUNCHPOINT™ is delivered, you will know exactly what you need to fully optimize your control system, and we are here to make that happen with POWERUP™.