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From Blueprint to Brilliance

Develop Your Control System's Potential

In today’s tech-driven landscape, the array of control system technologies is vast and diverse. Your control system will be the nerve center of your industrial operation that enables you to monitor and regulate intricate processes safely with precision and accuracy. From traditional systems to cutting-edge innovations, your challenge lies in identifying and developing the control system that best aligns with your specific needs. Taking a collaborative and holistic approach to help you navigate the complicated and often confusing landscape of control system development, we have created an innovative solution, LAUNCHPOINT™.

Empowering Efficiency from the Ground Up

LAUNCHPOINT™, our revolutionary consulting solution, offers a comprehensive approach to addressing and developing your control system needs. Harnessing the power of data analysis and industry expertise, we provide you with an in-depth blueprint of the system components required along with recommendations for tailor-made solutions to optimize performance.

  • Onsite Control System Review
    • Schematics
    • Drawings
    • System Code
  • Take current system backups
  • Analysis of collected data and documentation
  • Identify Strengths and weaknesses of the current control system
  • Build and deliver report with recommended control system modifications, updates, and improvements.


Assessing your control system requirements is a crucial first step. This ensures that the proposed components, technology, and layout will be effective, safe, and aligns with your desired outcomes. You help us by providing documentation related to your facility set up and function, along with the technologies you’ve been using and your vision for how the final product will empower your operations. If needed, we can visit your site to gain greater understanding for how your control system will need to operate as well as perform risk assessments, including cyber security, and investigate the regulatory compliance for operation and safety.



Working together, you will have the opportunity to engage in a collaborative exploration of the needed design intricacies of your control system. Sharing the strengths of your current technology, along with discussions around the challenges and pain points you have experienced, allows us to identify areas that require attention and improvement; paving the way for innovative solutions to emerge.

We also explore the scalability of your control system, so as your business grows, the system can grow with you. Addressing scalability will help drive future performance and offer a clear vision of the direction you are steering your operations. This provides us with a roadmap for optimization that align with your strategic objectives.



Once we have gathered and analyzed all the information about your control system and needs, we put together a proposal for the design and development of your new control system that aligns with your company’s vision and goals. Establishing a plan to optimize performance and scalability, we provide a detailed BoM budget, an outline of the work we recommend being done along with a timeline for completion, and a fixed monthly rate that eliminates surprise budget changes mid project.

In a fiercely competitive business environment, designing and optimizing your control system isn’t just about building and sustaining operations, it is a trajectory towards enduring growth. LAUNCHPOINT is a collaborative journey that helps guide you through the important steps and considerations when it comes to building and developing your control system and helps ensure that the final product evolves in a way that elevates your operations to new heights of success.

Next Steps

After you receive your comprehensive LAUNCHPOINT™ report with our recommendations, the next step is to turn those recommendations into action. Our CORESOLUTIONS™ are designed  to flow seamlessly from one solution to the next. When LAUNCHPOINT™ is delivered, you will know exactly what you need to fully optimize your control system, and we are here to make that happen with POWERUP™.