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Automotive Manufacturer Wins Together with Pigler Automation

Our commitment to winning together is a crucial part of the success of our team at Pigler Automation, and our customers. Over the past year, engineers Tim Copper and Teddy Klovstad have demonstrated that value to the highest quality with their work with a major automotive manufacturer here in the United States.  

When the customer came to us, looking to see if we could work together, they were working on the expansion of a manufacturing facility that had an extremely aggressive timeline and needed outside support. The customer desired dedicated personnel that would be flexible and react swiftly to ever-changing construction needs. Tim and Teddy sat down with the customer to get a sense of the pain points the customer was having with their project and where Pigler Automation could come in and support the evolving needs of the facility.  

The customer needed Siemens certified experts working with TIA Portal V16 and V17 PLC programing software. As well as experienced certified Ignition engineers to develop HMI controls. Tim and Teddy worked with the customers on structure and layout within TIA Portal and Ignition as well as working on the overarching programming allowing the customer to focus on the specific needs of the key areas of the facility. 

Over the past year, Teddy and Tim worked on programming forty PLCs and over 100 screens including migrating Ignition 7.9 to Ignition 8.1. They joined a project that had an aggressive schedule and supported the customer to hit major milestones during construction, many of which were earlier than anticipated.