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Top Razorback Interview

Top Razorback Interview: Tim Copper

Earlier this month, we introduced our latest Top Razorback, Timothy Copper and what makes him an outstanding member of the Pigler Automation Team. This week, we’re going to get to know Tim a little better in this Top Razorback Interview.

Top Razorback Tim Copper

Timothy Copper 

Job Title:
Senior Controls Engineer 

How long have you been with Pigler Automation?
2 years 

If you could choose any superpower, what superpower would you choose and why?
I would like the ability to heal people. Being a MS Warrior myself, I know what it is like to suffer from things I have no control over. I would like to heal people to see the joy of being whole again. I would make lots of smiles every day! 

What is the best flavor, chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla. I would usually add Oreo’s or chocolate chip cookies to make it to my liking. 

What actor would play you in the movie of your life?
I would like to have an actor that could relate to my interests in Math, Science, and Space. So, I think Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson would do a great job of playing the role of my life. We have many similar interests as well as I have been employed as a college instructor too. He would have no problem teaching the robotic class I taught. I also enjoy how he is always teaching people, that is one of my main personality traits that he would display well.  

If nothing else, I would like to meet him someday and tell him that I chose him to play me in my life’s story. lol 

What do you like best about working with Pigler Automation?
I love my job with Pigler Automation. One of the main reasons is all my coworkers are fantastic people that are easy to work with. Collectively, they can answer any questions. This builds a great work environment where I am willing to try anything because I will receive support that I need during a project. Next, the different projects that I get to be part of. I find joy in not doing the same work all the time. It is great to help with different systems and go onsite to finish projects with the customers. I can only imagine the different processes and projects I will see in the next two years of employment.