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Top Razorback: Jason George

We are very pleased to call out the dedication and commitment that our Top Razorback, Jason George, brings to Pigler Automation. His ability to consistently Raise the Bar in his interactions with both colleagues and customers sets a remarkable example for everyone in the organization.

Going Above and Beyond

Jason’s commitment to raising the bar is evident through the extensive time spent working directly at customer sites. This hands-on approach demonstrates his commitment to driving projects forward and ensuring their successful completion. By collaborating closely with customers, he not only contributes to the progress of projects but also bridges any gaps that may arise, ultimately leading to the delivery of an exceptional final product.

Raising the Bar to Win Together

One of Jason’s best qualities is his availability and willingness to support his coworkers. His willingness to assist and share his expertise whenever needed reflects his team-oriented mindset. This fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual support within our team, enhancing overall productivity and morale.

In recognizing Jason George as this month’s Top Razorback, it is important to acknowledge his outstanding contributions that continually raise the bar for the entire team. His dedication, proactive approach, and work ethic exemplifies the values that Pigler Automation stands for. Congratulations to Jason for setting such high standards and achieving excellence in his endeavors.