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Revolutionizing Industrial Control Systems

As a leader in industrial control systems development, we are committed to providing your industrial operation with cutting-edge technology and expertise that ensure efficiency, precision, and reliability. We understand the ever-evolving industrial automation landscape and the need for optimized, efficient, scalable control systems. That is why we developed CORESOLUTIONS™, a tailored suite of solutions designed to meet your needs, whether in hydropower, industrial gases, automotive, or any other industrial setting.

A Changing Industrial Control System Landscape

In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, you face many challenges when seeking the right project partner. These challenges can range from navigating the time-consuming journey from proposal to commissioning, grappling with the ambiguity of the proposal process and the subsequent steps, to the exasperation of encountering delays caused by personnel changes. Finding consistent project support with a deep understanding of the latest control system technology can be challenging. Moreover, the uncertainty surrounding project costs can add another layer of complexity, with proposals needing more clarity and an array of variables making it hard to estimate expenses accurately.

These challenges and more are the driving forces behind why we developed CORESOLUTIONS™. Finding the right partner for your project shouldn’t be challenging, sluggish, and uncertain. CORESOLUTIONS™ offers a comprehensive 360º approach to industrial control system design, development, and implementation. Streamlining the complexity of project development and providing clarity around the costs and timelines so you know the scope of work, how long it should take, and how much it should cost. With Pigler Automation and CORESOLUTIONS™, you have a partner who will work with you from start to finish and beyond, eliminating the frustrations and delays caused by contractors who suddenly drop out of the project. Your full potential starts with us and CORESOLUTIONS™.


CORESOLUTIONS™ simplifies the control system process by breaking it down into three significant steps: Consult, Build, and Support.


Whether you’re starting your project from the ground up or need help with an existing system like TIA Portal or Ignition, we begin by listening and learning from you. This consultation using AUDITIQ™ or LAUNCHPOINT™ is essential because you share your challenges, needs, and relevant documentation. You drive the discussion, and using your information combined with our expertise, we offer comprehensive insight into how best your project can be supported. Ultimately, you receive a complete, easy-to-follow report that includes technology recommendations and materials, project timeline, and costs. This gives you a clear picture of your entire project, allowing you to make the best decision that meets your needs.


Industrial Control System technologies like PCS7 and WinCC are renowned for their reliability and versatility, allowing for seamless integration of various automation components. With POWERUP™, you can be confident that our expertise with PCS7, WinCC, TIA Portal, Ignition, and more will bring your project to fruition. Together, using the information gathered during AUDITIQ™ or LAUNCHPOINT™, we develop a comprehensive project plan and necessary materials and set the hardware and software required. Your operators and technicians also benefit from our expertise as we provide them with the knowledge they need to work with the technology efficiently and safely. With CORESOLUTIONS™ and POWERUP™, you have clarity around what is being done and the confidence knowing that it is being done right.


After completing the project, you want to protect your investment through ongoing support. With EXPERTCONNECT+™, you have access to 24/7 hotline support after the commissioning and implementation of your project, along with continued security and software updates. Your operators and technicians have the resources to answer questions and access discounted, in-depth training in industrial control systems technology like Ignition and TIA Portal, helping them grow and succeed in their roles and benefit your operations. If your business requires more significant support for ongoing projects, EXPERTFUSION™ takes a hybrid approach to developing and supporting your industrial automation needs. Utilizing EXPERTCONNECT+™ and EXPERTFUSION™, you have a steady partner to keep your operations running smoothly, safely, and efficiently, as well as scalable for continued growth.

Your Industrial Control System Journey Starts Here

In the world of industrial automation, innovation is the key to success. With CORESOLUTIONS™, you’re not just adapting to change; you’re driving it. Partner with us and embark on a journey of excellence that will transform your business and the world. Contact us today to discover how CORESOLUTIONS™ can revolutionize your control systems.

At Pigler Automation, we don’t just provide solutions; we provide a vision for the future of industrial automation. Your success is our success, and together, we can achieve greatness.