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Automation Services

Before you make a major investment in your automation system, it is a good idea to clearly identify your investment goals. We’re here to help. We’ll identify risks and gains, and develop a budgetary estimate for your investment.

If you prefer to do you own project in-house, we offer start-up workshops and training for your team. Our consulting and coaching will guide you along the way in your project execution. We offer scheduled Q&A sessions, project reviews and share our recommendations as well as lessons learned to ensure the success of your project. Coaching can be performed in our offices, at your site and/or remotely.

Our staff of engineers will create a design specification based on your operational philosophy. We include alarm, redundancy and security concepts. Working with you, we identify and document your principle requirements in a functional specification. We determine interfaces to third party equipment and define your communication needs. 

During implementation, all logic is created as well as graphics, alarm logs, and reports. A low fidelity simulation model will be developed and used to validate the code during the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Simultaneously, the purchasing and/or manufacturing of equipment will be initiated.

Even though modern control systems include libraries for many process application needs, there may be tasks that are not yet covered. We offer extensive experience in all areas of software development to create the functionality and the human-machine interface (HMI) that you require.

This includes the integration of additional data bases such as MySQL, web server applications and PHP-programmed web pages to better represent data to your plant operators.

Whether or not we designed the system, we will be able to integrate your equipment. This service includes initial installation of engineering and operator system (OS) equipment as well as LAN and automation systems.

We also prepare FAT plans and procedures in addition to supporting Verification and Validation (V&V) activities and the creation of a Failure Mode and Effective Analysis (FMEA).

Small Panels to house PLC and I/O equipment can now be built in-house. For larger projects, we utilize a select partner company with more than 20 years of experience in Panel Building. Panel Design will always be provided by Pigler Automation.

In addition to providing all CAD drawings for new projects we execute, we also offer a new service to scan and digitize your existing paper documentation. These drawings are then available for future editing in AutoCAD.

We offer a robust visualized solution to provide flexibility for customers to create a new system from the ground up or to grow and adapt their current virtual system. We leverage the newest technologies from Dell and VMware to bring a vigorous solution to aging infrastructure, while maintaining compatibility with legacy systems, to minimize downtime. 

Whether you are looking to set up a new plant with a virtualization system or you have an existing system that needs maintenance and improvement, we can provide you with a plan to consolidate your current hardware into a more efficient, modern package.

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Working alongside Pigler Automation, you have a solutions partner who can assist you using the latest tools to get your project up and running successfully.

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