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Support Services

The initial assessment allows us to get an up-to-date status of your current installation. We review the existing documentation and create a baseline of all installed hardware and software components. We then create detailed documentation of the system and recommended action items. The initial assessment can be done onsite or remotely if remote on-line access is provided.

Pigler Automation offers On-Call service through our 24/7 Support Hotline. During business hours we guarantee a response to requests within 4 hours. Outside of business hours, our hotline is staffed by one of our service engineers who can assist when your plant requires immediate support.

Together with our customer, we develop a list of recommended spare parts that can be purchased through Pigler Automation as well as handle the replacement of warranty items through our vendors. In addition, we will track recalls, firmware improvements, discontinuations, and other product related announcements from our vendors and inform you of relevant events for your installations.

On a case by case basis, we can set up remote access to your system and perform modifications of the existing control system code between outages as agreed upon. Part of this service includes the feasibility of intended changes that will be verified in a test environment before being implemented on the live system. During the preparation for remote implementation,  we will provide all necessary Management of Change (MoC)  documentation.

We help manage the Siemens Software Update Service (SUS) for you by tracking and collecting software updates as they come through then installing them at agreed upon opportunities.

24/7 Support Hotline

(866) 659-2025

Cybersecurity Analysis and Support

The convergence of IT/OT technologies presents unique challenges to operations in securing and maintaining control system infrastructure. We offer an on-site evaluation of the current control systems in place. As a result of the on-site evaluation, we will provide a report encompassing:

– System conformance to applicable standards.

– Present vulnerable areas including hardware, networking and physical security.

– Vulnerabilities per category including brief description of issues and remediation recommendations. 

As a preventative measure to mitigate cybersecurity exposure, we provide services to maintain compliance in several areas such as; WIndows Security Updates, VMware security patches and updates, monitoring industrial PC/server health, control system component software updates, and data retention and recovery services.

Based on the vulnerability assessment, we offer both hardware and software solutions to minimize potential risks. We work with you to determine robust and cost-effective solutions to reduce exposure.

On-Site Support

If an outage is required to modify existing automation logic or hardware, we will prepare all necessary changes ahead of time, provide necessary Management of Change (MoC) documentation and implement on-site per your schedule. If a safety validation is required after changes of the system are made, we will prepare necessary documents and support operations in executing the safety validation.

If the installed system needs to be upgraded to the latest program version, we will provide you with an upgrade concept, necessary Bill of Material (BoM), and migrate and test the system ahead of time before installing the upgrade on-site. 

Upgrade concepts will balance the advantages of utilizing new features versus plant requirements and production interruptions.

One of our specialties is developing custom training for applications. We provide start-up training at the beginning of a project to familiarize your team with the new product and solutions. During the project or after completion, we also offer customized operator, maintenance and/or engineer training.

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