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Training Services

We offer customized training for your application focusing on your project needs. Start-up training at the beginning of a project helps your team to familiarize themselves with the new product and solutions. During the project or after completion, we offer customized operator and/or maintenance training.

Please contact us for a quote for a customized training tailored to your needs. See the four example agendas we offer, listed below. They will give you an idea of the available components of your training.

PCS7 Engineering

You want to do all or part of the engineering yourself? You need a hands-on class to show you around and to give you guidelines, tips and tricks on the various phases of your project. This class will teach you

  • How to create a project
  • Configure your hardware and network
  • Engineer and test your continuous function and step function
  • How to configure the HMI and how to do graphics
  • How to trouble shoot your system

PCS7 Maintenance Training

If your system was engineered and commissioned by someone else and you need to know how to best maintain your system and what you need to watch out for, this is the training you are looking for. Based on the project that is installed at your site, this class will.

  • Explain hardware diagnostic
  • Show how to exchange components
  • Explain what is needed to recover from a hard disk crash on the OS
  • Give a brief introduction on how to change settings in the software or do minor program changes

PCS7 Customized Functions

This class teaches the advanced user on how to create your own function blocks, your own graphical symbols and your own operator windows (Faceplates).

PCS7 Operator Training

This class is designed for the operator staff to get the most out of your PCS7 Operator Station.