SecureNOK/Pigler Automation team up to offer Cybersecurity Monitoring for PCS7

Bundled with the SNOK™ AS Threat Detection, Pigler Automation together with Secure-NOK offer an integrated cybersecurity monitoring solution with your PCS 7 installation. SNOK™ continuously monitors the Automation System (AS) for abnormal behavior, configuration changes and re-programming. We install the solution either as an appliance in the PCS 7 network or as a Virtual Machine on available hardware in the network. As system owner you get:

Automated analysis determining cybercriticality of AS events
Visibility to current configuration and
configuration changes
Bringing visibility of the AS environment to IT
Cybersecurity personnel

Combined with other products in the SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System family, the environment surrounding the AS can be monitored as well, reducing blind spots in the infrastructure and detecting abnormal attempts to contact and communicate with an AS. Examples of alerts produced:

New process detected on endpoints
New IP-address communicating in the
USB inserted into device

Read the following SecureNOK/Pigler Automation Product Flyer: SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring for PCS 7 – Pigler Secure-NOK

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