Pigler Automation Engineer Presenting At Siemens Summit 2018

The Siemens Summit is next week in Florida, and we are excited that one of our engineers are going to be presenting!  Below you will find his accepted abstract and a link to the Summit webpage.

Alex North, Pigler Automation, LLC

Using PAA to Quickly Engineer PCS 7 Projects and Generate Simplified Logical Documents

Process Automation Accelerator (PAA) is a bulk engineering tool that can be used to accelerate the time to market for PCS 7 projects. This tool can create and maintain all aspects of a PCS 7 project from hardware to program logic.  In this presentation we will look into the efficiencies and benefits as well as lessons learned while using PAA to upgrade an Air Separation Unit (ASU) project from a TI505 PLC to Siemens PCS 7. We will look into the steps required to generate CFC logic using CMTs. We will also look at PAA’s ability to create simplified logic drawings that can be generated to show the logic without the need for in depth knowledge of PCS 7. These documents can be created in PAA and pushed to the PCS 7 project and can also be imported from PCS 7 after commissioning to keep up-to-date documents.


Summit Webpage: https://www.industry.usa.siemens.com/automation/us/en/summit/Pages/summit.aspx

Summit Accepted Abstracts Webpage: https://www.industry.usa.siemens.com/automation/us/en/summit/Pages/Accepted_Abstracts.aspx

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