Completed Projects

Linde: Toledo, OH
Complete PCS7 Control System Upgrade
4/2014 — 11/2014

Linde: Lima, OH
Lima II PCS7 Upgrade
Upgrade the Control System of the Lima II Plant from PCS7 V6.1 SP1 to PCS7 V8.0 SP1.

Linde: Decatur, AL
On-Site Support
Provide start-up support for the Hydrogen plant in Decatur, AL.
Hydrogen Plant was build by HYDRO-CHEM.

Linde: Toledo, OH
ES/OS Client Backup
Install two virtual environments on a new PC so as to virtualize current ES or OS Client.

Linde: Toledo, OH
RO3 Train
Integrate the RO3 Train into the Operating System for the Toledo Hydrogen Plant.

Linde: Toledo, OH
Mass Spectrometer
Integrate the Mass Spectrometer into the DCS for the Toledo Hydrogen Plant.

Linde: Salt Lake City, UT
Pressure Controller
Design pressure control mode to optimize output.

Linde: Salt Lake City, UT
PCS7 Maintenance Training
Customized PCS7 Maintenance Training for Maintenance Technicians from 6 different Linde sites.

Linde: Salt Lake City, UT
Customized Maintenance Training
Train Linde Hydrogen Plan I&C Engineers and Technicians to be able to troubleshoot Control System problems and to implement changes.

Linde: Salt Lake City, UT and Lima, OH
Outage Support
Support outages of Linde Hydrogen Plants in Salt Lake City, UT and Lima, OH.

Linde: Toledo and Lima, OH and Salt Lake City, UT
Integration of Advanced Controls
Integrate a PC based Automatic Load Control into a PCS7 system using OPC at the Linde Gas Hydrogen Plants in Toledo and Lima, OH and Salt Lake City, UT.

Linde: Salt Lake City, UT
Pipeline Metering Station
Provide HW and SW, Engineering and Commissioning for a second Pipeline Metering Station for Linde Process Gases in Salt Lake City, UT.
6/2009 – 9/2009

Linde: Salt Lake City, UT
Outage Support
Support first outage of Linde Hydrogen Plant in Salt Lake City, UT.

TCSG: Canada
Alta Gas support
Siemens PCS7 Control System start-up support for Alta Gas.

TCSG: Canada
ORICA Steam Condensate Project
Create the control logic for a dedicated S7-400 processor that will interface with an existing DCS and lab-test it in the offices of Pigler Automation, LLC.

TCSG: Canada
Engineer Training
Provide a one week training course for customer’s Engineering Staff.

US Army Corps of Engineers
USACE Broken Bow, OK
Conversion of Siemens PCS7 V7.1 to PCS7 V8.0 at the Broken Bow Power Plant.
1/2014 – 6/2014

US Army Corps of Engineers
USACE Little Rock, AR
Provide design support for the future AGC control of the Hydro Power Plants in the Little Rock Segment of USACE.

Easter Owens – Arvada, CO
Solar Canopy
Program 2 PLC’s and provide installation and commissioning support.
2/2013 – 3/2013

UR Energy: Lost Creek, WY
Service Agreement in place to support the customer with remote, in-house and on-site PCS7 services
4/2011 – 8/2016

Ameren: Fulton, MO
Sipart Test Converter
Provide parts and programming necessary for a device that converts a 4-20mA control signal into a PROFIBUS-PA command to control a SIPART PS2 Actuator.
Provide ongoing support.

Ameren: Fulton, MO
PCS7/S7 Maintenance training
A customized, 3-day training for engineers that maintain both a S7 and PCS7 project at their site.

Ameren: Fulton, MO
Water Sampling Station
Provide Control Panel to Ameren UE and program application to email status of Station to Operators.

Colorado Mills: Lamar, CO
Sunflower Oil Refinery
Process control updates and HMI Additions.
Provide ongoing support.

Ethos Energy: Loveland, CO
GT Gas Turbine Control System Upgrade to PCS7 v8.1 utilizing Advanced Process Graphics.
12/2014 – 06/2015

Tronox: Green River, WY
Train 4 shifts of operators in 2 days
Introduce the operators to the HMI of PCS 7

FMC: Green River, WY
Mono South Block Icon Conversion
Provide professional engineering services to complete the FMC Mono South Block Icon Conversion to the new FMC V8.0 SP1 Typicals.

FMC: Green River, WY
Engineering Support
Support PCS7 V7.1 Project utilizing the new PCS7 APL Library, Creating Graphics for the Power House

Simplot: Rock Springs, WY
FSA Project
Design software for the Control System and develop, test and commission the control code for the Simplot FSA project.

Siemens: Skookumchuck – Canada
Steam Turbine Control System Upgrade to PCS7 v8 while integrating into the customer’s business network.
02/2015 – 10/2015

InteGrow Malt, LLC: Idaho Falls, ID
Implementation, testing, and commissioning of the new Batch system.

Norican Group: Pueblo, CO
Brush Blow-Off Assembly Controls Upgrade.

Hidd Power Company: Hidd, Bahrain
Service Agreement in place to support the customer with remote and on-site PCS7 services

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