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When it comes to fuel valve control, gas turbines require quick response times and accurate adjustments to ensure reliability and safety. ┬áRecently, Pigler Automation worked with an engineering company that upgrades and maintains gas turbines worldwide. The company was retained by a well-known paper producer to upgrade a General Electric Frame 6B gas turbine used to produce electricity and steam for facility and industrial processes at one of its mills in Western Europe. ┬áThe client worked with Pigler Automation to use SiemensÔÇÖ PCS 7 control system to completely control their gas turbine. The client chose Pigler Automation for the project because of their reputation and expertise as a Siemens Solution Partner with five certified PCS 7 engineers on staff with more than 50 years of combined PCS 7 experience. ┬áPigler Automation also has decades of power generation experience which they applied to this project and they support customers in the chemical and mining industries so their engineers are well versed in numerous process control technologies.

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